Blog Tags Announcement

Greetings Slammers!

We at Locust strive to respect our authors’ comfort levels when sharing their work with us. We like to share or excerpt pieces on our social media pages to show off the awesome content you guys create like proud parents sticking art to the fridge, but we understand authors prefer some of their pieces stay exclusively on the website.

In the interest of sorting out pieces that should be only on the site and those that can be shared elsewhere, we have a new “multiverse” tag! We ask that authors add the “multiverse” tag to any pieces they are comfortable with having shared, excerpted, or otherwise referenced on our social media pages. Pieces that do not have the “multiverse” tag will remain only on the website, and you retain the rights to all your works regardless of where they are posted.

Note: by “authors” we refer to anyone who has a WordPress account and is able to post their own pieces. We will add (or not add!) the “multiverse” tag to pieces submitted via our Submit page as indicated by the submitter.

Thank you to all our authors and submitters!

The Locust Admins